There are  several settings within Ghost Admin that allow you to make some of the  most fundamental changes to your publication such as titles and  descriptions, language, icons and social accounts. Access this menu on  the 'General' page from your publication's admin panel.

Here's an overview of the available settings:

Changing the title and description

The  publication title and description are used in your theme, meta data and  search results. To change the publication title or description, go to  the “General” settings menu in Ghost admin.

Setting a timezone

To  select a timezone for all published posts on your site, go to the  “General” settings in Ghost admin. This means that any scheduled posts  will be published in this timezone.

Setting a language

To set a publication language to be used for theme translations, go to the“General” settings of Ghost Admin and enter the language/locale tag to be used, e.g. es for Spanish, fr for French, zh for Chinese, ja for Japanese.

Multi-language content is supported within Ghost by configuring custom collections and templates using Dynamic Routing.

Setting a publication icon

A  publication icon is a social icon that is used as the favicon for your  site. It is also used within the UI of your publication and can be set  from the “General” settings in Ghost admin.

Publication icons must be square and at least 60px x 60px.

A  publication logo is the primary logo for your brand and is displayed  across your theme. You can upload a publication logo from the “General”  settings in Ghost admin. Publication logos should be transparent and at  least 600px x 72px.

Upload a cover image

A  cover image is an optional large background image that can be used with  your publication. You can upload a cover image from the“General”  settings in Ghost admin.

There are no specific size requirements  for a publication cover image. It’s recommended to use images with a  minimum width of 1500px to ensure your cover image looks good on most  devices.

It’s advised to upload an optimised image so that it does not negatively impact page speed.

Connect social accounts to your site

Enter  your Facebook and Twitter account details “General” settings of Ghost  Admin to enable site-wide links to your social profiles defined by your  theme.

Make a site private

If  you've got a publication that you don't want the world to see yet  because it's not ready to launch, you can hide your Ghost site behind a  basic shared pass-phrase.

You can toggle this preference on at the bottom of the General Settings in Ghost admin.

Ghost  will give you a short, randomly generated pass-phrase which you can  share with anyone who needs access to the site while you're working on  it. While this setting is enabled, all search engine optimisation  features will be switched off to help keep your site under the radar.

Do remember though, this is not secure authentication. You shouldn't rely on this feature for  protecting important private data. It's just a simple, shared  pass-phrase for some very basic privacy.